Project Intro


This project was completed as my capstone for my design apprenticeship. Catalyst is a learning product that creates a space for those with an interest in the sciences. Its strategic array of features makes science learning simple, fun, and effective.


Learning Mindsets


Andrew is an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He has a focused interest in the sciences.

He has some difficulty initiating and organizing tasks without supports in place. It's very overwhelming for him to find science content on his own.

Andrew’s would like to receive personalized content recommendations and have a structured learning path to help him stay on track with his learning goals.


Kristen is a middle schooler who loves to learn. She has taken a special interest in all of her sciences classes and even joined a club after school.

As much as Kirsten enjoys school, there is a fixed and broad curriculum followed during classes. She feels restricted by the pacing and materials.

Kristen would like to engage in a self-paced learning model where she has control over what and when she learns.


Browse and add a new course (v1)
Lesson and knowledge check (v1)

User Testing

I completed remote usability testing with lo-fi wireframes to assess design choices and assumptions up to this point. There were a few areas that needed attention. Revisions were implemented in the next iteration of the product.

Mobile Prototype

Browse & add courses

I added category filters and adjusted card size for recommended content on the homepage. Course details now contain more comprehensive information for users.

Accessing Lesson Content

Course content is now housed in accordion tabs. It eliminates the need to navigate to a different page and better utilizes vertical space.

Lesson Content

Users learn through multi-modalities in each lesson section. There are fun learning checks after each lesson to reinforce content.

Lesson Feedback

Users receive question specific feedback to reinforce lesson content. Achievements are earned to keep the user motivated to move through course content.

Final Thoughts

I kept the scope of the Catalyst prototype relatively narrow to stay within project time constraints. Next up, I would revisit medium and low priority user stories that were excluded for the first iterations of the product. It would also be beneficial to further explore the incentive program for users.